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Quality from start to finish

Quality craftsmanship is a dying art. As people become aware of the difference between high quality furniture and cheap throw away, they realize that if they are to have a legacy to pass on to their children like some of the fine pieces of furniture their grandparents left them; they need to purchase well-made, quality furniture. There is nothing like owning furniture pieces that have been handed down through the generations. "Built to last" not only describes our furniture, but also the memories created recalling the history of each piece as it is passed on from generation to generation.


Rosewood Ltd, is a new Furniture manufacturer in Uganda, established in September 2015, is nestled in the valley around the mighty Lake Victoria. We have a very specialized furniture store where we craft all the pieces. We take speciality orders. Customers can give us their ideas, designs, or needs and we craft a unique piece of furniture to fit their specifications. Each product is unique since skilled craftsmen who have spent years learning the trade makes it.

Our Motto

"Memories are forever"

Mission Statement

Manufacturing the finest hardwood and customized furniture with old world quality craftsmanship, using new technology to ensure high quality personalized customer service.

Our Objectives

Rosewood is committed to the following objectives:

  • Establish our name and image in the community as a manufacturer of high-quality furnishings.
  • Establish relationships with quality wholesale suppliers of lumber and hardware.
  • Establish relationships with quality craftsmen to supply customers' custom design needs
  • Establish relationships with architects and designers of unique fine furniture
  • To satisfy our clients far beyond their expectations.

Quality from start to Finish

Rosewood employs local and foreign craftsmen who have plied their trade for decades. By using only, the finest raw materials and latest technology in the industry, our craftsmen ensure that our furniture will last for generations to come.

Of all the aspects of wood furniture the finish most visibly reflects its character, quality and style. While the finish is one of the last things we do, it's the first thing a client sees. Rose wood will utilize a multiple step finish process of up to 16 steps. This results in an unsurpassed clarity, depth and color richness and durability to our finishes.


Feedback from
our clients

"I love the door designs which are rich in detail. This has inspired me to learn more about furniture production."

Hotel Owner

"Absolutely happy with the office furniture design and customer support! We requested for intricate detailing on our wall finishing which was excellently executed on time

Project & Administrator

"Rosewood Furniture has presented itself as a reliable and quality oriented company in kampala - Kudos you have set the furniture production bar very high and I look forward to working with you on my future projects

Operations & Manager
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